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Thanks heaps Sam & Dave I think the site was due for a face lift, great to have keen people like you promoting our cool sport. Also would like to thank Lucy for the great photos she is providing, great job team.  Would be great to here from you out there what makes dirtkarting so great. I will start.  It's not only good people, it's fast and sideways, it only takes one race and it seems we are addicted to dirt.

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Gerald 55
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I think the dirt gets into the blood stream mate.

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88 Racing
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gotta say-it was 99% Sam cobba (not me)- he's the genius with web design-

needed a tart up tho didnt it!

Lucy -the pics are always excellent-especially when #1 goes under #3 clean as a whistle and its caught on cam:lol:




Dave Mathews

December 20, 2012 at 8:43 PM Flag Quote & Reply

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David, your lucky they are still shots coba, or everyone would know it's #3 going around #1. Roll on club champs 2013 your days are numbered

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new website update looks great...also would like to thank Lucy for great pics...always fun looking to see if I can find any of me

December 23, 2012 at 3:10 PM Flag Quote & Reply

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Thanks Mike, I appreciate the recognition. Lucy takes some excellent photos. Thanks for keeping the site looking fresh by posting new images so frequently.


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