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NEXT MEET : Sunday 9 June Conditions Permitting Gate opens @ 7.30am Due to impending weather forecast @ mid morning come at your own risk. 


Your new committee and officers for 23/24 season are: 

             Patron                   Gordon Fisher

             President               Craig Durbin

             Vices                      Mark Dodge and Tony Lauder

             Treasurer               Barry Monds

             Secretary               B Monds    

             Race Conveynor   Kim Coughey

Committee, Mike Limmer, Richard Douglas, Peter Rose, Jemma Oliver

LIFE HONERARY MEMBERS, Gordon and Tui Fisher, Grant Cowey, Allan Oliver.


                         We NEED Lap Scorers any help is appreciated !!


  NEW Rules for 2023-24 Season;

  Rear Bumpers protecting 80% of the total rear width of kart and tyres and   anti-intrusion bar must now be fitted to all karts by 2024 club champs date.


    Alloy axles may now be used.


    New Senior class to be trialled;     

                                                               CLUB CLASS

                                  Less maintenance, Less expense but with all the fun.

                        Eligible Engines;  RAKET 120   and   BRIGGS LO206

                        Eligible Chassis;    Ex Tarmac only NO dirt kart chassis etc

 For further info, Call           MIKE  on  0278188658.



                Membership      TADKC Bank      A/c 03-1754-0501578-01


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