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Club Champs 2015


Sat 21st February- 4 heats, 6 laps, drop your worst result

Sunday 22nd-        1 heat, 9 laps, Seeded (grids) according to Saturdays results

Masters race

Committee race

Couples race

66 Race

+ more

If you don't enter or compete on Saturday-you cannot run the 9 lap race on Sunday

If it rains on Saturday-the event is transferred to the following weekend

Those required to carry weight-MUST ensure they meet the regs ,or..........

No Kart swapping for senior classes on either day during champs events

No BBQ Saturday

Entry is $20 per class for the weekend

Usual indemnity form for BOTH days .

Rain Forecast

Race convenor

Kim Coughey 021-245-5990

Track manager-

Gordon Fisher

Race secretary/Grid Marshall -

Betty Williams

Lap Scorer

Boo Durbin


Flag Marshall


Chief Steward-

Malcom Gray

Chief Scrutineers

Mike Limmer

Craig Durbin

Water kart pilot /Track prep


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