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Race Meeting Calendar for    2023- 24 Season      20th ANNIVERSARY YEAR

1 October- Registration, Pre Race Safety Check and Practice. Gate Open 7am

Race Days                          29 October 2023

                                             12 November

                                             26 November

                                 Christmas Meeting 10 December

                                                      7 January 2024

                                          21 January

                                          18 February

                                           3 March


                      Club Champs -  16 & 17 March     rain off 23/24 March


                                                 7 April


                                               28 April


                                               19 May


                                                9 June





In the event of wet weather the meeting may be postponed or cancelled outright (unless already stated). Members will be advised by text, social media / web site. All dates are subject to change if due to weather event or committee decision.

Membership application can be made prior to race day no later than the Thursday 5pm before the race meeting. Applications MUST include photo I.D for seniors and proof of age for all junior classes. Memberships WILL NOT be processed on RACE Days Unless advised. All Karts to be checked and competitors signed in by 8.45am. Indemnity forms to be filled in at each race day and for each class entered.

Remember: No Karts are to be started until after driver's briefing unless told otherwise. 

Remove all your rubbish at end of race day Email;

Enquiries Ph:         President:              Craig Durbin       027 2336408

                               Race Convener:     Kim Coughey     021 2455990

                               Vice Presidents      Mark Dodge  027 2083635   Tony Lauder  021909190

Rain Forecast

Race convenor

Kim Coughey 021-245-5990

Track manager


Race secretary/Grid Marshall 

Lap Scorer

Boo Durbin


Flag Marshall


Chief Steward


Chief Kart Saftey Checkers

Mike Limmer/Grant Cowey

Craig Durbin

Water kart pilot /Track prep


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