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Club Champs 2019

Sat - 4 heats,6 laps, drop your worst result

Sunday - 1 heat, 9 laps, Seeded (grids) according to Saturdays results

Masters race

Committee race

66 Race

+ more

If you don't enter or compete on Saturday-you cannot run the 9 lap race on Sunday

Those required to carry weight-MUST ensure they meet the regs. Random weight checks will be carried out throughout the day and anyone found breaching the rules will be disqualified for the entire championships.

No Kart swapping for senior classes on either day during champs events

Any penalties incurred will be applied on your overall score NOT the race where the infringement took place. 

 BBQ Saturday. Those staying on site a donation towards toilets is required and remember if you abuse the right to stay you will loose it!!!

No X Plates can race Club Champs 

 Last day for membership 22/02/2019

Entry is $20 per class for the weekend

Usual indemnity form for BOTH days .

Rain Forecast

Race convenor

Kim Coughey 021-245-5990

Track manager-

Gordon Fisher

Race secretary/Grid Marshall -

Betty Williams

Lap Scorer

Boo Durbin


Flag Marshall


Chief Steward-

Malcom Gray

Chief Scrutineers

Mike Limmer

Craig Durbin

Water kart pilot /Track prep


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